ACC Physicians List

Name Specialty Location
Minnesota Natural Medicine - Dr. Chris Foley Internal Medicine - Immune Approach Minnesota
Burzynski Clinic - Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski Internal Medicine - Gene-targeted treatments Texas
Stanford University School of Medicine - Dr. Huy M Do Interventional Radiology California
UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital - Santa Monica Interventional Radiology - RFA California
Mercy Medical Center Interventional Radiology - Chemo embolization Minnesota
Northwest Regional Medical Center - Dr. Williams Interventional Radiology - Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)


Arizona Oncology Associates - Dr. Richard Rosenberg Oncology Arizona
TGEN Research Institute - Dr. Glen J. Weiss Oncology - Thoracic Arizona
University of Queensland Medical School - Dr. Ian Ross Oncology Australia
University of Southern California - Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center - Dr. David Quinn Oncology California
University Miami Jackson Memorial Medical Center - Dr. Pasquale W. Benedetto Oncology Florida
Moffitt Cancer Center - Dr. Mayer Fishman Oncology Florida

Martin Fassnacht, MD +49 931 201 0 - Univ of  Wuerzburg


Wuerzburg, Germany

University of Chicago Cancer Research Center - Dr. Dr. Apurva Desai Oncology Illinois
Maine Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders 0- Dr. Frederick Aronson Oncology Maine
National Cancer Institute - Dr. Tito Fojo Oncology Maryland
Harvard Cancer Center- Dr. William Kyu Oh Oncology Massachusetts
Mayo Research Clinic - Dr. Keith Bible Oncology Minnesota
Nevada Cancer Institute - Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang Oncology Nevada
Dartmouth - Dr. Vivek Samnotra M.D. Oncology New Hampshire
Gaynor Integrative Oncology - Mitchell Gaynor Oncology - Natural Medicine New York
University of Otago Medical School - Dr. Steven Soule Oncology New Zealand
Ohio State University Medical Center - Dr. Lawrence S. Kirschner Oncology Ohio
University of Cape Town Medical School - Dr. Dinky Levitt Oncology South Africa
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Pediatric ACC) - Dr. Raul Ribeiro Oncology Tennessee
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - Dr. Alexandria Phan Oncology Texas
Princess Margaret Hospital Ontario Cancer Institute - Dr. Jennifer J. Knox Oncology Toronto, Ontario, Canada
University of Michigan Health System - Dr. David Schteingart Oncology/Endocrinology Michigan
University of Michigan Health System - Dr. Gary Hammer Oncology/Endocrinology Michigan
Mayo Research Clinic - Dr. Paul C. Carpenter Oncology/Endocrinology Minnesota
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - Dr. Rena Sellin Oncology/Endocrinology Texas
St. Luke's Medical Center - Dr. James Findling Oncology/Internal Medicine/Endocrinology Wisconsin
University of Calgary Canada - Dr. Janice Pasieka Oncology/Surgery Calgary, Canada
University of Michigan Health System - Dr. Thomas J. Giordano Pathology Michigan
Yeshiva University - Dr. Louis M. Weiss Pathology New York

St. Joseph’s Hospital (part of  HealthEast Care System) - Dr. Andrew S. Fink

Surgery - Cyberknife Minnesota
UCLA Reputable Endocrine Surgery List Surgery - Endocrine Global
University of Arizona Health Sciences Center - Dr. Michael J. Demeure Surgery - Endocrine Arizona
UCLA  - Dr. Michael W. Yeh Surgery - Endocrine California
University of California SF Comprehensive Cancer Center - Dr. David M. Jablons Surgery California
UCLA  - Dr. Larry Teik-Man Khoo Surgery - Neurosurgery California
University of California SF Comprehensive Cancer Center - Dr. Eric K. Nakakura Surgery California
UCLA - Dr. Frederick (Fritz) Eilber Surgery - Surgical Oncology California
SurgOne - Dr. Warren Kortz Surgery Colorado

Georgetown University Hospital- Dr. Greg Gagnon

Surgery - Cyberknife D.C.
National Cancer Institute - Dr. David S. Schrump Surgery Maryland
Brigham and Women's Hospital - Dr. Richard Swanson Surgery Massachusetts
Mayo Research Clinic - Dr. Geoffrey B. Thompson Surgery Minnesota
Mayo Research Clinic - Dr. Florencia Que Surgery Minnesota
Cancer Institute of New Jersey - Dr. David August Surgery -Surgical Oncology New Jersey
Weill Medical College of Cornell University - Dr. Thomas Fahey III Surgery New York
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Surgery - Surgical Oncology - Soft Tissue New York
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - Dr. Murray F. Brennan Surgery New York
Fox Chase Cancer Center - Dr. Robert Uzzo Surgery Pennsylvania
MD Anderson Cancer Center - Dr. Peter Pisters Surgery - Surgical Oncology Texas
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - Jeffrey E. Lee Surgery Texas
University of Toronto Medical School - Dr. Robert Nam Surgery - Urology, thoraco-abdominal approach Toronto, Canada